Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission

Have a look at all the Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission. You will make a better decision after reading our post! To make you life a little bit easier, check also our previous posts on how to choose the best car and children safety in the car. Now, let’s have a look at all the disadvantages and advantages you can get with automatic transmission. 

There is no doubt that the automatic transmission is very commodious, making the car with this equipment are an object of desire of many people, especially for women, and people who lead in large urban centers.

But what the Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission? Let’s what we are going to find out!

Find out all the Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission


With this option, drivers find themselves free from having to make manual transmissions, and much less using that annoying clutch pedal.

But as a driver, you know you do not need to use the left foot, releasing it, and making it much more comfortable driving. Only need to use your right foot, which will move between the brake pedal and the accelerator.advantages-and-disadvantages-of-automatic-transmission-discussion

The automatic transmission works hydraulically, and the transmission of power to the engine is made by the torque converter.

Then see what are the Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission! 


With the automatic transmission, you save the engine, increasing its durability, as well as all components of the transmission.

You do not have to guarantee the same maintenance frequency than you have with the manual transmission. This is because the operation generates less wear on the gear parts, which makes it last longer, and therefore you do not have to do maintenance so often.

The use of automatic transmission provides much more ease and comfort for the driver, as mentioned before, because it dispenses the use of the clutch pedal, allowing the driver to stay with the left foot free.


Cars with automatic equipment are more expensive than the manual transmission ones. Of course, with the amount of people buying this type of car, the trend is that the price drops. But for now, it is still much more expensive than the others.

The repair cost also tends to be higher in a case of malfunction.

Maintenance is also more expensive because it requires skilled labor. Obviously, this point can be offset by the fact that the automatic transmission lasts longer, and maintenance is done with a larger period of time. So, this one we can include in Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission. advantage and disadvantage of automatic transmission

The automatic transmission is heavier, and it is also more expensive, increasing the consumption, and degrading the car’s performance.

It is necessary to exchange transmission fluid on average every 50,000 km rotated. This is also more expensive.

The fuel consumption is higher than in the cars with a manual transmission. On average, cars with automatic transmission consumes 10% more than those with a manual transmission.

Now that you know all the Advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission make your decision!

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