Car museums around the world

best Car Museums around the World

If you are passionate about cars, you must take a look at the best Car Museums around the World. All around the world we can find fabulous car museums, but of course, you find the best ones in the most famous cars providing countries. Check them and find one close to you, or one which is in the route of your upcoming travel. 

Top 10 Car Museums around the World

Now I’m going to present you a list of the top 10 car museums around the world. There are some in Europe and other in the United States of America. Take a look!

Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California

If you are a car fan, you can not miss this fantastic museum. Here you will have the opportunity to see a 40 million dollars Bugatti and also the Aston Martin that James Bond drove. Are you already excited? Schedule now your visit to this fantastic museum!best Car Museums around the World

Are you still not convinced? There is more to say. This museum has nearly 8,800 square meters of exhibition space, and has a beautiful architectural work, created by the company in New York Kohn Pedersen Fox, and thought to catch the movement of the designs of cars.

There are three floors that have 28 galleries where you know the history, industry and art of cars. You can see the Jaguar XKSS 1956 of Steve McQueen and the Ferrari 308 GTS from the series of American television “Magnum”. There is no doubt that this is one of the best car museums around the world! 

Louwman Museum, Haia, Netherlands

This museum has one of the most beautiful and oldest private automobiles collections of the world . You can see the Aston Martin of James Bond and the Cadillac of Elvis. Moreover, it also has a beautiful space, a fantastic architectural work for modern architecture lovers.

Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, Arese, Italy

This museum was recently renovated, with six floors of simply indescribable automotive art. The famous Italian brand ends up often in the shadows, being passed ahead for Ferrari and Maserati, but it changes for those visiting this magnificent Car Museums of the World

Museo Pininfarina, Cambiano, Italy

This company has created some of the hottest cars in the world and has a new exhibition space. Be sure to visit all car museums around the world, and this one you can not miss. Very glamor and passion are waiting for you!

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Who does not know the Porsche? As they could not stand behind any other brand, they spent 106 million dollars to open this museum. There is no doubt they have set a new world standard for luxury brands, and this magnificent museum is proof of that.

Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart, Germany

Mercedes-Benz is one of the best-known car brands worldwide. They invented the horseless cars, and its museum has more than 160 vehicles set out in a series of showcases on more than 16,500 m² area.

Museo Enzo Ferrari, Modena, Italy

Well, there is no doubt that Italy is a country that you have to visit if you’re a real car fan. There you find the best car museums around the world. best Car Museum of the World

This museum, located in the birthplace of the founder of Ferrari, has a rotating display of Ferrari road cars, as well as its famous racing cars. You can find still plenty of goods of Signor Ferrari, as well as rare memories of the founder of the brand.

BMW Museum, Munich, Germany

This museum opened in 2008 and displays, in addition to cars, engines, airplanes, motorcycles and many other artifacts.

Mullin Automotive Museum, Oxnard, California

One of the best car museums around the world ever, with cars from the Art Deco era that let anyone with eyes shining. You can enjoy a Bugatti Type 57C Atlantic of 1936 valued at US $ 40 million.

Museo Lamborghini, Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy

Although smaller than the other museums presented earlier, this Lamborghini sanctuary is nonetheless a beautiful museum you can not miss!

I’m sure you are going to visit all of these museums. So, book now a travel and choose where you are going to travel next time. The best car museums around the world are waiting for you!

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