Places to Visit with kids: Leeds

Looking for places to visit with kids: Leeds? We have a great selection of places you can visit with children in Leeds. Take a look and find have a great day out with your child! I suggest you read our previous posts about children safety in the car and the oldest train stations of England. Now let’s check where to go with your kids in Leeds.  Continue reading “Places to Visit with kids: Leeds”

Manchester top kids food stops

Looking for the best Manchester top kids food stops? You can find five wonderful nice restaurants for you and your children in the Uk with nice prices and food. Check also our previous posts about joining the local scouts and planning a visit to Euro Disney with kids. If you want to give a great kids party, read also this post about 5 elements to have a great kids party in Manchester. Continue reading “Manchester top kids food stops”

Joining the Local Scouts

Joining the Local Scouts can be a great way to make new friends, as well as having some fun. In fact, there are many benefits in enthrall your kids in the local scouts. If you have a child with 6 years old, or more, they can enjoy all the scouts’ activities. Take a look at this article and find all the advantages of having your kid in local scouts.  Continue reading “Joining the Local Scouts”