Children safety in the car

children safety in the car

Do you know how to have Children safety in the car? Take a look at this post and find how to sit your baby and child in the car, always according to their ages. Also, have a look at our previous posts about traveling by plane with kids and planning a visit to Euro Disney with kids. They can help you too! 

Some pediatricians warn that two in every three children are traveling in vehicles without complying with safety standards. Hundreds of children lost their lives in traffic accidents in recent years. So it is very important to know how to ensure Children safety in the car.

How to ensure Children safety in the car


The first thing to do is to buy the baby or children’s car chair. It is clear that taking children in safety seats in vehicles is crucial for their lives. Children are the most vulnerable passengers in the car, and therefore, it is crucial that they use all security elements adapted to their weight and size.children safety in the cars tips

By ensuring the children safety in the car, that is, whether they are in safe cars and in a proper manner, it reduces the risk of suffering an injury in minor knocks or more serious accidents.

It is even spoken by some experts that children should be transported in cars on special chairs until meet 12 years.

So let’s see how the kids sit in the car!

Children should sit in their seats with the appropriate chair. You should always ensure that she settles in a certain way according to her weight.children safety in the car

Babies up to 10 kg (about 9 months)

Babies up to this age, or weight, shall be in car seats, with security guards, placed in the opposite direction to the direction of the driver and in the back seat, if possible in the center. This way you reduce the risk of neck injuries in frontal impacts and increases protection on the sides beats.

Children between 9-18 kg (from 9 months to 3 years)

Children up to 3 years, or until they reach 18 kg, should go on chairs placed in the opposite direction to the direction of the driver and in the back seat (best in the center), like the babies. This way you keep the children safety in the car!kids safety in the car

Children between 15 and 25 kg (3 to 6 years)

There are now on sale chairs for children with this weight and age. Usually, they are compatible with the safety belt, and some still have the support of the back as well. In case you don’t have any, it is best to put pads on the back, to protect them in the event of an impact. They should always have your seat belt placed. This way you are ensuring your children safety in the car!

Children 22-36 kg (6-12 years)

They must travel with adjustable cushions at the height so that you get a good fit of the seat belt on the collar bone.

Follow our tips and you will see that the safety of your children is assured in all car trips. Do not forget that ensuring the children safety in the car is paramount!

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