How does an electric car works?

how an electric car works

Hey there dear reader! Wondering about how does an Electric Car Works? Well wonder no more because so did we, that is why we have searched for information and made this article to answer that big question. Before continue talking about this issue, let me remind you that there are some other posts you might also like to read, such as how to drive with snow and the best car for large families.

Electric cars are a thing of the future, in the now! It is awesome how technology has evolved and what it has brought us in this times of advancement.

How does an electric car works? Have a look!how does an electric car works complete guide

There are specific things that are different in how electric cars work when compared to gasoline-powered automobiles, which we will address in the article. So let us see how does an Electric Car Works:

Electric cars seem just like the other ones, except that they are almost silent and it is under the hood where you find the modifications. Usually, they are the product of a conversion process of gasoline-fuelled cars to electrical powered ones. In fact:

  • The electric motor replaces the gasoline engine;
  • It gets its power from a special controller;
  • And the controller is powered by rechargeable batteries;
  • Batteries are installed, usually on the floor of the car, and two that can create at least of 300 volts DC;
  • A vacuum pump is installed so that the power brakes can work.

how an electric car works

Still, it is not answered the question of How does an Electric Car Works:

Some other changes are needed and it all depends on the model you are converting and to what you want to convert it. So these are general highlights to the process.

The shifts of the car are usually converted into an automatic transmission shifter that controls the car to go forward and reverse, containing a small switch that sends a signal to the controller.

For the heat that is needed for the car, a small electric water heater is added, being fundamental to how does an Electric Car Works.

On the power issue, usually a charger is added to provide the batteries with rechargeable capacity, and a gas gauge is replaced with a volt meter. This makes it possible to convert the whole reading of the car in electrical language.

After all the process is done, all you need to do is put the key in the ignition and turn the car “on”. Then you shift into “Drive”, push the accelerator pedal and move, performing just like the regular gasoline-fuelled car.

The costs of the process vary accordingly but this is how fundamentally, and in a simple fashion, the answer to how does an Electric Car Works!

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