How to ride a bicycle safely


Do you know How to ride a bicycle safely? It is very important that you pay attention to a few things before riding a bike so you can do it safely. You might also like to have a look at some of our previous posts, such as rain driving tips and safest cars for families. Well, now, let’s have a look at how you can ride a bicycle safely! 

Cycling is a great way we exercise, but we always need to have in mind some aspects for us to maintain road safety.

Just like cars, bicycles must be followed by some traffic rules, and also need to have attention to the maintenance of your equipment. Here are some tips on How to ride a bicycle safely

How to ride a bicycle safely? Check some tips

First of all, you should check all your equipment. Before you get on your bike, you must ensure that it is safe to travel on the road.

  • Make sure the tires are full
  • Make sure the brakes are working, and if they are regulated
  • Check if the chain is in good conditions, if it does not have accumulation of rust, dirt or other debrishow to ride a bicycle safely tips


Once you have checked your equipment, you should worry about having the right clothes for the activity.

Use a reflector shell, as well as warning lights on your bike. So that way you are visible to other drivers, especially when the conditions are bad, and there is a lack of light.

Add reflective tape to your backpack or a leather jacket you use for cycling.

Wear comfortable shoes. No slippers! Some sneakers for hiking are excellent. Choose one that does not have any gillnet or long laces to avoid ensnare the bicycle chain.

Now you know what to wear, let’s see How to ride a bicycle safely. how-ride-bicycle-safely

Always wear a helmet. Although it is not mandatory by law, it can save your life if you suffer a fall.

Always follow traffic rules to avoid accidents. You should also develop your cycling directions. You must know all the traffic rules, as well as some details that serve as best practice advice.

Always drive using your common sense, with a lot of attention. You should anticipate each and every problem and be always ready for surprises that may arise along the way.

Another important tip on How to ride a bicycle safely. Drive in the direction of traffic. When you drive in opposite direction to traffic, it increases the likelihood of steep accidents because drivers who go to nearby roads tend to not notice vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Another important detail is before making a curve always see what is behind you. Take a quick look, but with attention. Keep attention if any vehicle is going in your direction. Getting  this ability is crucial for any cyclist.

Observe traffic rules, ride with caution, and preferably in places with bike paths. Follow our tips on How to ride a bicycle safely, and for sure you will be successful!

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