Modelling a pirate ship with clay

modelling pirate chip clay

Do you know how to modelling a pirate ship with clay? We are going to tell your every step to make a real pirate ship easily. Kids love pirates, and there is nothing like you decorate your pirate party with these pirate ships in clay. To make it even better you can hire a pirate to your child’s party! It will be just outstanding! 

For now, take a look at all steps to model your pirate ship. You will see how it is easy to do, and how beautiful it would be! Enjoy our tips to modelling a pirate ship with clay!

Modelling a pirate ship with clay – Step by step

To modelling a pirate ship with clay you will need these materials:

  • Blue clay
  • Golden clay
  • Brown clay
  • Yellow clay
  • White clay
  • Grey clay
  • TLS
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Spatula to cut
  • Brushes
  • Old tissue

Well, now that you know everything you need to make your own pirate ship, let’s see how you are going to modelling a pirate ship with clay. 

First of all, pick up the blue clay and model it in an almond shaped. This will be the beginning of our pirate ship.

Now you are going to cut it to make the shape of your ship, like this one:

how to modelling a pirate ship with clay

Note that you still are doing the Boat hull.

Now use some golden clay. Make it plan and cut out some strips. Then attach one by one in the first model in horizontal lines to cover all your boat. Cut the excesses of it.

Now, in the top of it, you are going to texture it with the spatula. Make some lines on the top of it when you are  modelling a pirate ship with clay, And a triangle in one extremity of your pirate ship.

Now, to the mast you are going to model three cylinders, one bigger than the other two. Place small yellow clay balls on the top of the masts.

Then you need to build your sails. Pick the white clay and model it in a croissant shaped for the close sails, and then cut a rectangle to the open sails. And then add to the masts with TLS like this picture:

modelling pirate ship with clay

Wait 5 minutes until it dries. Now we are going to make our pirate ship beautiful.

Cut two small rectangles of golden clay to make the “windows” of your back cabin, and place them there. Attach small golden clay cylinders in the extremity of your ship, and a point in the front of the ship, like in our first picture.

Now, you are going to use yellow clay to add the rope stairs and the details of the ship. Also, use golden clay to make the little man in the front of the pirate ship and attach it. modelling pirate chip clay

With the grey clay, make an anchor to attach to one side of your ship. Use brown clay to add more details in the ship, like small cylinders to the point of the ship, and to make the side net.

Then add the masts with the sails on the pirate ship. It is almost done.

Now you are going to paint it. Cover the boat with the black acrylic paint and use an old tissue to remove the excess of paint. It will give to the ship a vintage effect.

Then paint over the yellow clay with gold paint. You can use your imagination to make the details of your pirate ship even better. Try and I am sure you’re modelling a pirate ship with clay just great!

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