Myths about bumper cars

great myths about bumper cars

There are lots of myths about bumper cars. In this post, we are going to explain to you how bumper cars work, and we are going to demystify some of them. Enjoy! Don’t forget to have a look at our previous posts about how to choose the best car and car museums around the world. Now, let’s talk about bumper cars! 

The bumper cars are a kind of amusement park toy, very popular at parties and festivals, consisting of several cars in constant motion, guided by people, which are powered by electricity.

They are protected by a thick rubber, and when they hatch each other produce an elastic collision, simulating a car crash.great myths about bumper cars

The inventor of the conventional bumper car is Victor Levand, who worked for G.E.

Now, let’s see some of the greatest myths about bumper cars! 

Greatest Myths about bumper cars


There are many myths about bumper cars, but we select the ones most commonly heard from people. Look!myth about bumper cars

Spinal injuries

Many people claim that riding the bumper cars cause serious spinal injuries. However, this is only a myth!

While it is true that the bumper cars, when they impinge on each other, simulating a car crash, they are protected with a thick rubber, which serves precisely to amortize the beat.

Remember that all the diversions that are in these areas are regulated, and undergo serious evaluations, so that people do not undergo any risk to their physical integrity.myth about bumper car

Electrocution Risk

This is one of the greatest myths about bumper cars! When we talk of bumper cars with someone, it is very likely to hear them say that there is a great risk of dying electrocuted when we ride on it.

But is it true or another myth?

In fact, although they tell us often this statement, it is nothing more than a myth!

To demystify it, see how they work.

There are two methods used in bumper cars.

The first, oldest and most common, uses a conductive floor and electric ceiling, each with a separate power polarity. Vehicle contacts touch the ground, while a mounted pole touches the ceiling, forming a complete electrical circuit.truths and myths about bumper car

The other method, more recent, uses alternating strips of metal through the floor, separated by insulating spacers, and no grid on the ceiling.

The alternating strips perform power supply, and shock stands are large enough so that the vehicle body cover at least two strips each time.

A set of brushes under the car comes in contact with the random strip is below, and the polarity of the voltage at each contact is sorted out to always provide a complete circuit to operate the vehicle.

Once more, all the diversions are regulated and they are all inspected for anything to happen. The bumper cars are prepared for that electricity does not come to the people, dissipating in the cart itself.

We still hear that they can run over people, but once again, it is a myth. Feel safe to have fun in the bumper cars and enjoy! Did you like our post about myths about bumper cars? Let us know!

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