The oldest Train Stations of England

the oldest train stations of England Crown Street railway station

Find The oldest Train Stations of England and discover a mysterious world! In fact, it can be quite interesting a visit to these train stations, which have become legendary for being old and beautiful! You might also like to take a look at our previous article where we talked about the best car museums around the world

As you know, England was the first country to build railway lines, and thus, the country became an epic in its construction until the present day, becoming a landmark of the industrial revolution.

As a result, England has the world’s most beautiful train stations, which you can still visit, though some are no longer in operation.

Filled with history, the oldest train stations of England are part of the routing of all lovers of the history of the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Find The Oldest Train Stations of England


The Mount, located in Swansea on the Oystermouth Railway was the first railway line opened to passengers in 1807 and dated as the first train station in the world. Although the physical form of the station is not known, it is known that it was located in front of the current site of Swansea Museum.

It is true that you can not visit the world’s first railway station, but you can visit other stations that are considered the oldest train stations of England.the oldest train stations of England Crown Street railway station

Built in 1830, Crown Street railway station in Liverpool is the oldest terminal station in the world. This train station was the first to incorporate a train shed. It was demolished in 1836 and it was moved to the Lime Street train station.

Liverpool Road Manchester’s station was the second terminal in the world, and it is the only surviving station. This is preserved as part of the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

This train station resembles a row of Georgian houses, and it is one of the oldest train stations of England.oldest train stations in england

Spa Road railway station in Bermondsey, south-east London, was the first terminal to emerge in London and Greenwich Railway in the year 1836.

This train station has undergone a lot of changes over the decades, and it was even rebuilt several times, it changed its name, and it was transferred from its original location until it saw its doors closed in 1915 due to cost reduction during the First World War.

Today the building of the railway station is part of an industrial property of lights. However, you can still see some original elements of one of the oldest train stations of England, as the ticket office and some remains of platforms.oldest train stations of england

Park Lane was the world’s first freight terminal in 1830, making the connection between Liverpool and Manchester, serving the south end Liverpool Docks. Its original name was Wapping Station. It was accessed from Edge Hill rail junction through the 1:26 mile Wapping Tunnel.

During World War II, this season suffered serious air attacks by the Germans and it was largely rebuilt in the post-war. Unfortunately, it was closed in 1972 and later demolished.

Do you know any train station which deserves to be mentioned here? Leave us your comments to improve this article and enjoy of the oldest train stations of England!

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