Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids

Plan a visit to Euro Disney

Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids can be very challenger, but it can be very pleasurable too! Kids love Disney’s characters and it’s an excellent option giving a Mickey and Minnie Mouse birthday party to fill your kid’s heart with love! After you plan your visit to Euro Disney, please check our post about traveling by plane with kids. It’s important that you pay attention to a couple of things! 

To help you Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids, we have prepared some tips for you to enjoy everything that this place can offer, both to children and for you!

Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids tips

Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids: Some tips! 


Place to stay

First, you have to choose the best place to stay. The best option is to stay in a Disney hotel. Those who stay in these hotels can enjoy another 2 hours to visit the park before the entry of other visitors. So you can see things more calmly, and without so much confusion!Planning a visit to Euro Disney with children


Always check the weather forecasts. If you are Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids during the months of autumn and winter, take very warm clothes . Do not forget that you will spend a lot of time outdoors. A waterproof is essential for this time. In the case of travel in the months of spring and summer, the waterproof is not to discard, you may catch some downpour.

Transporting children

Take a trolley to transport the children if your children have less than 7 years. There are many kilometers walking, and it is normal that children get tired. If you have read our previous article about traveling by plane, you know that most airlines allow the free transport of 2 per child transport parts. However, you can also rent in the park (costing around € 15 per day).Plan a visit to Euro Disney with children

Get ready for the park

So you can enjoy the experience even further, when Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids, see some of the classic and recent films such as Peter Pan, Toy Story, Dumbo, Mickey Mouse Club, Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Aladdin, Ratatouille, Frozen Cinderella, Brave, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Interwoven and Princess and the frog.


Take comfortable shoes. As you will walk many kilometers, it is important that you feel comfortable.Plan a visit to Euro Disney with kids

Plan a visit

It is important that you plan everything before you go. So you can optimize the movement. First, visit the most popular attractions so do not lose, as the Pavilion of the Princesses. Note that for this pavilion you need to sign up and get your invitations from 10 am, and you should go early because audiences with princesses can run out.

Plan the most appropriate attractions for the whole family because there are attractions for all ages. See also the attractions that are closed, so that you do not create false expectations.Plan a visit to Euro Disney

In the case of you don’t make question about seeing the parade take this time to enjoy other attractions, because this time has less queue, as well as at the dinner hour.

See also the minimum height of each attraction. So avoid queueing unnecessarily.

These are just some simple tips so you can better enjoy your visit to Euro Disney. I am sure you will spend a great time there and Planning a visit to Euro Disney with Kids! 

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