Rain driving tips

Looking for Rain driving tips? We all know that driving in rainy days is very dangerous, so we have to take some precautions. In this post, we are going to tell you what you must do to avoid an accident. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as advantages and disadvantages of automatic transmission and safest cars for families

Driving a car in times of rain becomes a more difficult activity than in periods of dry weather, and so we must take special care.7-rain-driving-tips

Most accidents occurred in these rainy days give up due to drivers who do not pay attention to the specific care that should have, and should be strengthened, whether on wet roads or with visible decrease.

So, to avoid an accident, check our rain driving tips. I am sure they can be very useful for you!

Best Rain driving tips

To avoid that you have an unnecessary accident in the days approaching enough rain, we may see our rain driving tips.

1 – Check tires and windshield wipers

Always see all the basic aspects of your car in advance, as the brakes, the illumination, fluids, wiper palettes of the windshield, and of course, the tires must be in good condition. Worn tires become skating in wet times!

2 -Always use low-beam lit

When you have the low beam on, your car is more visible on the road. When you have these headlights connected, the rear lights also light up and so avoid bumps on rainy days.

3 – More attention to the pedestrian crossing

You should always pay close attention to pedestrians, but on rainy days should take special care. Always drive with extreme attention and moderate speed to avoid run over someone. Be particularly careful in places where there are pedestrian crossing signals.best rain driving tips

4 – Keep distance between moving vehicles

This is one of the leading rain driving tips. These days keep a larger distance between the vehicles. So it allows you to see at the distance what is happening, giving you time to adopt the necessary procedures while driving.

5 – Keep track of the vehicle

One of the biggest dangers these days is hydroplaning. This happens when the vehicle travels on water, reducing the direct contact of the tire with the road.

If this happens to you, you should not change the acceleration, and must maintain its direction as straight as possible. It is important to not make any sudden movements with the steering wheel. Just go back to correct its trajectory and speed when you are out of aquaplaning.rain-driving-tip

6 – Avoid flooded roads

Avoid the maximum flooded roads. Underwater, there may be obstacles, and we often do not realise the depth of the water at that location. Remember that excess water reduces the performance of the brakes, and may cause the stop of the engine and damage it.

7 – Only exceed safely 

Our last tip is: Always exceed safely. When making undue overruns as well as signal advances, the probability of having an accident is much higher, and normally severe.

Overrun always requires a lot of attention from drivers but on rainy days should be redoubled. Only exceed if it is really necessary, and if all safety conditions are ensured.

Follow our rain driving tips and be safe!

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