Traveling by plane with kids

Traveling by plane with kids tips

Traveling by plane with kids requires lots of planning. It’s not simple as you might be thinking, and that’s why we are here to begin the week with some important tips for you. For kids, the time spending in the plane is a real adventure, and if they are prepared for it, parents can travel relaxed. Note that unaccompanied kids have special regulations. 

First, you need to check your kids’ tickets and places. If you have a kid with less than 2 years old, you must have a valid ticket but you don’t need a seat. In this case, your ticket will cost about 10 percent of the normal price. Traveling by plane with kids tips

During the flight, the kid will travel in your lap with a special seat belt. If your little one does birthday during the travel you must reserve a seat for your return flight.

Children between 2 and 11 years old travel in their own seats though with low prices.

Now let’s see what you need to do when you are Traveling by plane with kids. 

Traveling by plane with kids – Tips and Ideas


We all know that traveling with kids requires some precautions. Like a car travel, if your kid has less than 2 years old and if you have reserved a seat for your little one, you can take your child seat on the board. But make sure it is certified for air travel and fit in the seats.

Traveling by plane kids Baby cots and pushchairs

When you make long-haul flights, the planes usually have baby cots, whatever class you are traveling in. Always reserve cots beforehand as there is a limited number.

As for the pushchairs, take yours to the aircraft. At the counter where is the check in you will receive a label for this purpose. Pay attention to pushchairs for twins, these are checked as baggage because of their size.

Menus for babies and children

When you are traveling by plane with kids you must also make sure if they offer menus for babies and children.

Usually, all flights offer this kind of menus but sometimes you need to order it. Traveling plane kids


We know how children can get impatient when they have to stay in one place too long without doing anything. So that they are not bored, most flights offer heads breaks, books to paint, among many other games. There are also flights which have at your availability movies for all ages.

Before traveling

Before traveling by plane with kids ask your child about the trip. Make him feel excited, awake in him the joy of flying. If you can explain to him everything that happens before and after.

Check with your Paediatrician about vaccines that may be required according to the place where you will travel.Traveling plane kids tips

During the flight

Follow this list so that the journey goes as expected.

  • Take the usual blanket of the child, to calm and warm.
  • Bring thick socks. Without shoes, travel is more comfortable.
  • Take toys and plush dolls. They help pass the time on board.
  • Take diapers and baby wipes in sufficient numbers. Always keep in mind that the flight may delay.
  • Take extra clothes for you and the child in the case of a liquid spill.

Follow our tips about traveling by plane with kids and I am sure you are going to have an excellent flight.

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